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The Wise Woman in October

The Wise Woman in October

The Wise Woman and her colour frequencies of Black/White call you to confidently move forward on your path.

The Wise Woman offers us an opportunity to turn inward; notice and take stock of what your path has led to this year so far.

Cut through the noise and pay attention to the cues that come from your own inner wisdom. That deeper knowing comes from life experience, listening, learning, and growing. The Wise Woman reminds you to trust yourself.

Pay attention to any crossroads you’ve encountered or will encounter soon, and any changes or decisions that need to be made. Will your path change? If you’re at a crossroads, make your choice and confidently move forward.

She asks you to trust your intuition and knowledge, and choose the path that is best for you NOW.

The Wise Woman also offers us permission to tune into the whimsy, play, laughter, and joy of life. Do not get lost in the seriousness of examining your path; she invites you to play too and not take yourself too seriously.

Embody the Wise Woman with her colours of Black & White. 

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