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The Initiator Goddess in September

The Initiator Goddess in September

The Initiator Goddess invites you to clear out what no longer works for you and make space for what matters. Use your freed up energy and space to support your deepest desires.

The Initiator is represented by the vibrant colour frequency of purple.

She invites you to engage your discernment and clear out what is no longer in alignment in your life. The Initiator guides you to de-clutter as the transition to autumn begins!

What is hindering your dreams and desires? Release what no longer serves you.

This season of release is the ideal backdrop for decluttering. Personally, I find myself in the midst of a substantial decluttering process, both in my home and my business.

Inspired by the Initiator Goddess, I see what I have done and make room for new opportunities and changes. The inner fire within me ignites a passion to release and rearrange.

What will emerge in the freed up energy and space? 

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