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The Creatrix in May

The Creatrix in May

The Creatrix and her frequency of Emerald Green invite you to take the steps towards manifesting your dreams into reality.

Focus on your goals and take tangible action to bring them to fruition in May.

Armed with her bow and arrow, the Creatrix takes aim through a clear path to her target. Think of your goal or desire and create a clear plan to achieve it. If you’re already moving toward a goal, this is the time to check in and see what obstacles remain and re-focus on your goal.

A mindful approach to make choices that move you closer to your goal is crucial, as well as balancing the creative and action energy within. The divine feminine energy flow of creativity inspires us while the divine masculine energy of focused clarity and direct action helps us move forward. Working with both of these energies in flow and balance is the key to your success.

Weave together your energy flows to support your expression of your full self and achieve your goals.

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