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now offering soul-care

the sacred temple

The Sacred Temple is Open Again

Starting the Sacred Temple offerings again is an expression of my love for creating sacred spaces of beauty for women to gather and celebrate all aspects of the divine feminine.

I am excited to offer this again from the perspective that we have everything within us, and Sacred Temple is an opportunity to slow down and tap into this wisdom within.


These Goddess Archetypes invite us to go deeper in our own self-discovery, awareness, and soul growth. The journey of the soul is to grow and expand. Not only do we become more embodied with our true essence, we add to the healing of the planet for we are a part of the one heart of humanity.

As you reclaim your true essence, your joy expands and you live more authentically. Your capacity to love and forgive expands, and the spaciousness inside allows you to discover and experience more of who your core essence is.

This awakening is freedom; your heart feels free to live and express itself fully. 
For the first timers joining us, welcome, you are in for a sacred afternoon of soul nourishment!


It takes courage to look within and wake up to who we are, where you have been, and where you are at in this moment. Being willing to be open and available to the unknown—to the mystery of who we are—creates a spaciousness to fully receive from the universe.

I would like to thank every one of you for stepping up on this path with me. Thank you for being a part of a sisterhood supporting one another as we grow, evolve, and spread our wings, honouring who we are.

Frequently asked questions

The Sacred Temple experience is 4 hours and usually held on a Sunday afternoon from 12 to 4 PM.

Space is limited so please register by the Friday morning before the Temple.

The cost for one Sacred Temple is $105 including tax. E-transfers or cash payments are accepted.

As space is limited to 8 participants, please sign up for the Sacred Temple by calling or texting me directly at 250-616-3133.

The deadline to register is the Friday morning before every Temple. Thank you!

Each Temple is different and designed to explore the Goddess Archetype as medicine for the divine feminine within each of us.

You will receive information on the Goddess, her gem, her scent, and a necklace with a special gem holder at your first Temple experience.

  • Individual guided ritual to prepare you to enter the temple space.
  • Sacred space opening, agreements, and check ins.
  • A wisdom teaching and medicine of the Goddess.
  • Meditation, sharing in pairs and as a group. 
  • Time to journal, reflect and integrate.
  • Closing ritual.
  • Sacrament of healthy food and teas.

Please bring slippers or wear warm socks. I recommend dressing in layers for comfort as we move between two spaces.

Please bring a journal and pen, water bottle or enclosed drink container, and a shawl. There will be space to keep other belongings upstairs before you enter the Temple.

Bring an item for the Altar and embody the Goddess by wearing her colours. This information will be provided before the Temple.

The Sacred Temple is only open for the duration of the session.

Enter at the front door only of the Bodacious Spa at 891 Millstone Avenue in Nanaimo, BC.

Parking is available on the road and in front of the gate.

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