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Kali in April

Kali in April

Kali and her passion-awakening colour palette of red, white and black, and her accompanying aromas of ginger, myrrh and geranium, join us in April.

Kali embodies both destruction and creation, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life.

She teaches us to confront our fears head-on and to recognize that they hold no power over us unless we allow them to. Her representation of both fierceness and nurturing is available within each of us. Call on her for strength and wisdom through difficult situations.

New beginnings open up when we confront fear and the shadow self. Freedom comes through release of what no longer serves, acceptance of what is and what you cannot change, and transformation of what is within your power and agency.

Recognize you can and will get through each cycle of destruction, and be rewarded with the new freedom and possibilities of creation.

This spring, make a conscious effort to clear away the old, and bring in the new. Create space for your desires and dreams by getting rid of what no longer serves and move forward with your truth. Invoke your fierce Kali passion and make the changes to create the life that you desire.

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