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The Priestess in March

The Priestess in March

Welcome to March, the month of the Priestess!

As we move into spring and the return of life all around us, this is a great time to hone our intuitive skills.

Strengthen your intuition with the colour Sapphire Blue, which can be used to set an altar or included in your daily wardrobe.

Rosemary is a powerful scent to use, either fresh or as an essential oil, in meditation to help you tune into your higher self. Take time to sit in stillness and let the busy mind calm. This emptiness is a powerful portal to access divine wisdom.

From here, you can act from your higher wisdom and make shifts to heal and create without fear or "shoulds." Trust your intuition and recognize your power and wisdom.

With your intuition as your guide, you can confidently follow through on your desires.

To start or return to your meditation practice, I recommend the "Meditative Mind" video on YouTube and the "Complete Energy Activation" guided meditation with Reiki Rachael.

As you enter into this month of the Priestess, remember to honour the stillness and empty your busy mind to access your deeper truths and feel more connected to spirit.

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