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The Great Mother in January

The Great Mother in January

The Goddess Archetype for January is the Great Mother with her colour frequency of burgundy and her energy of nurturance.

An Invitation to Rest & Nurture

She asks you to open up and allow yourself to be deeply held. She calls you to rest, surrender and receive.

Use this time of winter to be still, rest, and meditate. Open your receptivity to allow the frequency of love to fill you. This quiet time of reflection holds space for you to dream and focus on what you want for the year ahead.

Maybe a dream has been percolating within you for years and you feel it is time to take action. Plan and support the dream to come in full bloom!

My Personal Experience with The Great Mother

During the snowy, cold, and foggy days, I surrendered to the moment of inward reflection. The snow had a crisp clarity to it and brought cleansing energy. There was also a quiet feeling and a desire to rest, drink tea, make soup, sit by the fire, and read a book. I spent time cooking, meditating, and being cozy.

The fog was another invitation to slow down and go within. I read, wrote, and meditated.

I reflected on my past year; acknowledging what I learned, what transpired, and releasing what is done. I made space for the new! The fog held the energy of dreaming and visioning—I asked myself what I wanted to dream this year—what is it that I truly desire to create, to experience?

Remaining Open

I usually make plans to implement for the year ahead in January and give myself a push forward to take on another year. This year, I felt called to make no plans. I practiced being in the moment and truly listening to what my soul expressed.

The call of my soul is to create and spend time in joy, radiance, vitality, and play.

Dream in wonder, be open to miracles!

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