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The Primal Goddess in August

The Primal Goddess in August

The Primal Goddess and her frequencies of orange, red and yellow offer you the energy of passion and freedom.

Allow the Primal Goddess to fuel you forward, with her fire and passion, towards manifesting your desires.

She awakens your instinctual nature and asks you to reflect on where you do not feel free in your life. She calls you to bring your continued presence to what is real and alive in you so you can courageously say yes to your truth and release what does not serve you at this time.

Each month, each Goddess offers medicine as an opportunity to tune inside yourself, reflect, and shift where needed. This can be a small change mentally, physically or emotionally. When we invest in ourselves and take time to listen inside, we are honouring ourselves. From this place of honouring ourselves, we live more in our authentic truth, we inspire others to do the same, and we honour the cycles in our life. Cycles start and end but we become stagnant and unhappy when we resist change or negate our truth.

The Primal Goddess invites us to passionately step forward, even more, in our divine truth. Free yourself and ask yourself: where are you not free? Take action, boldly and confidently, towards what you desire—without needing approval from others. Be deeply rooted in your truth and connection with Mother Earth, so that you can move forward without hesitation. Use the heat of summer as fuel to enjoy fully!

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