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The Goddess of Love in July

The Goddess of Love in July

The Goddess of Love beckons us to bask in her abundance! Bring her colours of fuchsia and soft pink into your life to help open up to intimacy and divinity every day.

Lush and full of colour, beauty, and sensuality, July celebrates Aphrodite, the divine embodiment of all of Nature's offerings.

All around us is bursting with the aromas and sights of flowers blooming and berries coming in season—there is so much to delight in! Aphrodite encourages us to awaken our senses and to establish an intimate connection with all life; savouring the sounds, sights, tastes, touches, and smells.

The Goddess of Love invites you to slow down to take in life's little pleasures. Feel the cool grass beneath your toes; savour a beautiful song; allow the sun's warmth to envelop you—these are the things that bring us blissful presence in each moment. With our senses tantalized, we invite calm and happiness.

Bless the Goddess of Love for this reminder to be mindful and enjoy the beauty of daily life; it is said that gazing upon beauty brings us closer to the divine. Aphrodite and her shade of soft pink encourages us to become gentle and kind to ourselves and others, and her bold fuchsia encourages us to be fully present. Let us heed her call and completely savour all life has to offer!

Celebrate and fully enjoy the abundance in your life and in the garden with this wonderful recipe for sugared rose petals and link to a list of all the beautiful edible flowers. Click here for a fun recipe for the Goddess of Love month. 

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