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The Weaver Dreamer in November

The Weaver Dreamer in November

The Weaver Dreamer with her colour of Magenta calls us to weave our dreams into reality.

The Weaver Dreamer asks you to trust in your own power to create.

She is a symbol of inner strength and resilience, and a reminder to honour your own dreams and visions. You have the wisdom, creative energy, and experiences to manifest your dreams into reality. 

Trust yourself to dream, create, and manifest! Let go of doubts, clear blockages, and wrap up your to-do lists. This is the time of year to complete the incomplete, and make space for new dreams.

Embrace the Weaver Dreamer to weave a tapestry of self-love, acceptance, and fulfillment to support you in setting your dreams free and allowing them to blossom into reality.

You got this! 

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