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Gardener's Gift Box

Tuscan Farm Gardens
  • $67.00

A complete line of plant-based hand therapy, and bath and body care products that give hope to hard-working hands and bodies. Carefully formulated with essential oils of lavender, rosemary and lemon. Suitable for the bathroom, kitchen and potting shed.

  • Gardeners Hand Wash
  • Gardeners Hand And Body Lotion
  • Gardeners Muscle Soak
  • Dirty Harry Olive Oil Soap

Dirty Harry Olive Oil Soap

The blend of lemon and rosemary give the organic Gardener’s Dirty Harry Soap a clean, fresh aroma for hard-working hands. It is purifying and deep cleaning with some local pumice to provide a little extra scrubbing action. And, instead of drying out your hands, it will leave them nice and moisturized to boot!

Gardeners Body & Hand Wash

Our Gardeners Body & Hand Wash is made for working hands (even those that aren’t working in the garden). Leaves hands and other body parts feeling fresh and deodorized. No harsh detergents. Now using ECOCERT ingredients.

Gardeners Hand Lotion

Organic extracts of calendula, yarrow, comfrey and conditioning essential oils of lavender, lemon and rosemary work to soothe, moisturize, condition, and protect dry, overworked skin. Leaves hands fresh and deodorized.

Gardeners Muscle Soak

A relaxing triple therapy body care soak formulated to relieve tired, achy muscles. Made with Pacific sea salt, Epsom salts and pure essential oils of soothing lavender, deep cleaning lemon, antispasmodic rosemary and marjoram. Can also be used as a decongestant bath soak.