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Dramatic Results with my Aqua-Hydro Facial

Dramatic Results with my Aqua-Hydro Facial

This Aqua-Hydro Facial is a water microdermabrasion facial treatment that uses a unique two part wand design to transform your skin.

It begins with a deep exfoliation process that uses one wand with BHA and AHA acids and suction to remove impurities and dead skin cells while promoting new cellular renewal. This step refines the skin to prepare it for the next step.

The second wand is used next with the Aqua-Hydro spray. This fine-mist nozzle sprays a light mist of hyaluronic acid to help support the skin’s ability to hold moisture. It gives a plumping effect to the skin. 

Next, an infusion of serums and cremes are applied based on your skin’s needs, then enjoy massage to the face, neck, shoulders, decollette area while a specialty mask for your skin type is applied.

Once the mask is applied, the Far-Infrared Face dome is used to support healing with red light therapy and it supports 2 inches deeper penetration of products. Additionally, it promotes collagen production that continues even after you leave! 

Your skin will feel and look transformed! Smooth, soft, plump, and deeply hydrated— this is a skin quenching facial that delivers results.

Benefits & Results

A gentler way to refine the skin compared to regular microdermabrasion. It is safe for all skin types. Painless, no down-time!

- Boosts skin nourishment fast.

- Skin will feel deeply hydrated.

- Plumps skin so lines fines lines and wrinkles are softer and less apparent.

- Promotes collagen production so elasticity is improved.

- Skin texture is smoother to the touch. Skin is clearer.

- Cleans and refines pores, removes blackheads.

- Skin returns to its radiance.

The Far-Infrared Therapy's healing heat penetrates 3 inches into the tissue to help relieve the body of pain including arthritis, and support the body's natural detoxification and healing process.

    Aqua-Hydro Facial (Water Microdermabrasion) Includes 60 Minutes of Far-Infrared Face & Body Dome Therapy: $180 at Bodacious Living by Lisa.


    Book my Cure Package, a series of 4 Aqua-Hydro Facials done 10 days apart to achieve significant results. Reset your skin and reveal a refreshed complexion with no downtime or pain.

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