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Discover my new Nylon Microneedling Facial

Discover my new Nylon Microneedling Facial

This treatment is a gentle, effective way to refine, smooth, renew, awaken, and tonify your skin.

The Nylon Microneedling Facial has no down time or pain due to the non-invasive nylon needling devices that do not puncture the skin like other microneedling treatments.

Optimum results are achieved with this non-invasive and effective treatment.

Four Treatment Phases


Removes dead skin cells and massages the skin to exfoliate away dullness.

Lift-L Nylon Skin Needling

Extra gentle and non-invasive that functions similar to a fractional laser without the pain. It opens the water channels for serums to penetrate deeper into the skin. You’ll experience a tingling, stimulating sensation as the wand moves across your face.

Lift-S Nylon Skin Needling (Same as above with smaller tool)

Reaches and treats on/around the lips, eyes, and deep lines on the forehead or the face.


Tonifies the muscles with vibration massage.

This step invites you to enjoy pure relaxation after an invigorating facial treatment. With soothing soft brush bristles that vibrate against the skin while the handpiece massages the skin in a circular motion. Sculpting and exercises the skin to improve muscle memory for a more toned, tightened look.


Safe for all skin types including combination, pigmented, couperose/rosacea, and mature skin. This treatment is a gentle, effective way to refine, smooth, renew, awaken, tone, and tighten your skin. Supporting your skin in aging gracefully and in its full radiance.


At the Bodacious Spa

Nylon Microneedling Facial Includes 60-Minutes of Far-Infrared Face & Body Dome Therapy: $180 

The Nylon Microneedling Facial at Bodacious Living by Lisa offers anti-aging with grace! Each Facial includes Far-Infrared Therapy.

This Facial treatment is nicknamed the “skin wizard” because it addresses hyperpigmentation, scar tissue, age spots, rosacea, and acne healing.

For those who get fillers or Botox, regular Nylon Microneedling Facials will reduce the frequency of required treatments and increase the interval between treatments.

For those looking for a natural approach to anti-aging the skin, this treatment is gentle and results driven to give you smoother, clearer, deeply hydrated, radiant skin. What my clients are loving most is its tightening and lifting effect on the skin!

Call 250-754-1113 to learn more and book your next Facial appointment with me.

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