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Self-Discovery is taking the time to support the Ever-Changing you

Soul-Care with Lisa

Tap into your heart intelligence, connect with your deeper knowing, align with who YOU truly are, and discover what you desire most in the present moment.

I hold SACRED SPACE and nourish you back to your TRUE ESSENCE.

I facilitate your transition from human doing to human BEING with these intuitively designed sessions.

Soul-care is an extension of the type of SELF-CARE where you slow down enough to hear your inner whisper—your inner guidance, divine truth, and inner guru. These messengers are your soul and heart intelligence speaking to you. This is your opportunity to TUNE IN and take your self-care to another level.


  • Dive deep into your SELF-DISCOVERY
  • Make an INNER SHIFT & CLEAR OUT what no longer serves you
  • Be HELD in SACRED SPACE, be SEEN, and be HEARD
  • MANIFEST your dreams and desires
  • Commit yourself to living more AUTHENTICALLY
  • Unleash your VITALITY

Being held in sacred space with prayer, being seen, being heard, and healing intentional touch are all powerful tools to sustain well-being. My clients say they leave feeling calmer, peaceful, clearer, confident, inspired, and joyful. An aliveness is awakened within. I look forward to sharing this unique journey with you!

I assist you to clear energetic blocks and return to a place of confidence. Shifts can happen easily; it is like finding the keys to unlock doors inside yourself that you felt you didn’t have access to. Imagine these doors—your inner wisdom—being awakened so you can continue on your path feeling confident, clear, and knowing. Reclaim your true power.

Enter sacred space opened to hold you as you receive an intuitive reading, energy clearing, and nurturing massage. The reading will inspire self-awareness of your present growth state, as well as activate your inner knowing. The energy clearing opens up your receptivity, while the massage will help you connect to your body and integrate the reading. You will release tension held in your body and leave feeling more connected to who you truly are and what you desire. A relaxed, rejuvenated, revitalized, and renewed you is awakened!

Step inside a sacred space designed for you to be nurtured and nourished on a soul level. We begin with an intentional prayer to set the tone for your session. Enjoy head-to-toe rejuvenation with a custom Goddess Bliss Facial Treatment, soothing scalp massage, energizing foot treatment, and relaxing hand treatment. I combine skin care expertise, massage, healing touch, and energy work for a treatment unlike anything you have experienced. Leave feeling complete relaxation, layers of stress released, all of you acknowledged through nurturing touch, and your skin now glowing with radiance and vitality.

Take time to slow down and connect with what is present within you. Feel supported and nurtured by both an Intuitive Soul-Care Massage and Soul-Care Facial. This is the ultimate spa day taken up a notch for true body-mind-soul rejuvenation. Leave ready to re-enter the world with your cup overflowing with clarity, calmness, peace, confidence, and renewed vitality. Look, feel and be the next best version of you!

Enjoy the results of SOUL-CARE with its positive effects rippling into every other area of your life!

Book your Soul-Care Session now: 250-754-1113 or info@bodaciousbylisa.com.

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