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Esthetics & Spa Treatments

Facial Treatments

All skin therapy treatments pamper your face, neck, and décolleté. Hot towels, extractions, and a choice of scalp massage or hand massage during the treatment are all included.

Skin therapy treatments are designed to nurture and nourish your skin to return to its natural state of radiance. Blending science and plant essences, each treatment is designed to address your skin’s individual needs.


Skin Therapy & Facial Treatments 

Phyto-Aromatic Facial $160
with Far-Infrared Body Dome, add $10

Teen Facial $160
For teens and young adults, Phyto-Aromatic, Aqua-Hydro, or Nylon Microneedling Facial (depending on skin's needs) and Far-Infrared Face & Body Domes


Advanced Facials

Aqua-Hydro Facial (Water Microdermabrasion) includes Far-Infrared Face & Body Domes $180

Nylon Microneedling Facial includes Far-Infrared Face & Body Domes $180


Facial Packages

Facial & Body Massage Combo 2h15m $275
Includes Full Back & Body Massage, Advanced Facial & Scalp Massage 

The Facial Club
Prepay for 4 Facials and unlock 25% off J+L Age Reverse & Goddess Bliss Skin Care for the entire year!

The Cure Package 
Save 20% on a series of 4 Aqua Hydro Facials 7-10 days a part for dramatic results in 4-6 weeks.

Monthly Facial Bliss
Make an appointment with bliss and save $80 on your fourth monthly Aqua Hydro or Nylon Microneedling Facial.


I have the tools, experience, and knowledge to address: 

- Dry/dehydrated skin to restore essential moisture and replenish skin lipids while improving the skin’s innate defense against external elements.

- Sensitive/reactive/stressed couperose skin by strengthening, soothing, and restoring skin health.

- Loss of skin tone by improving overall tone and firmness while protecting the skin from environmental pollutants.

- Aging skin with clinical treatments designed to invigorate, nourish, and protect the skin for a youthful appearance.

- Hyper-pigmentation by reducing the appearance of hyper-pigmentation while nourishing and protecting the skin from environmental pollutants.

Sanitization & Sterilization