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Warm up and stoke your inner fire with this restorative package combining 3 energizing treatments! A wonderful Valentine’s Day gift or treat yourself for a blissful escape this winter!

Until February 28th, this Package is on sale for $160 +tax (regular value of $195 +tax) and includes:

  • Refreshing Hand & Arm Massage: This treatment is designed to relax and rejuvenate hard working, tired hands. We begin this treatment with a jojoba exfoliation (combination of jojoba beads, witch hazel, aloe vera, carrot seed oil, sage oil, and vitamin E), giving it a softening and smoothing effect. Next is hot towels followed by a pressure point massage with cremes from our botanical mixtures that support your hand and arm care needs. Leave feeling rested, refreshed and energized.
  • Energizing Foot Massage: This treatment is created for tired and sore feet needing some extra care. Anyone who stands or walks for long periods. Runners and athletes, this is for you. We begin with a herbal foot soak of pine, lavender, rosemary and camphor. It helps soften callouses. This is an intensive cleansing preparing your feet for this treatment. We then move to a jojoba scrub, stimulating and relieving for tired sore feet. Continue with hot towels and finishing with a pressure point massage to bring your feet to a place of ecstasy. Your feet leave feeling refreshed and energized. What a way to start or end your day.
  • image3Soothing Scalp Massage: This treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage using a soothing essential oil blend of your choice. Excellent for relief of headaches, insomnia, and deep relaxation. OR Indian Head Massage: This is a holistic and stress reducing treatment that improves mental clarity. Designed for anyone with aching shoulders, tension, headaches, eye strain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, or sinus congestion.
  • Your choice of a love product from local line Hathor Aphrodisia (up to $25 value) Read more about this line here.

Total treatment time of 1h30minutes. Contact 250-754-1113, info@bodaciousbylisa.com to book or PURCHASE ONLINE using the link below:

Package of the season

The gift of self-care

I highly recommend trying the Indian Head Massage after a stressful day or week. I arrived after a stressful day my mind was full of busyness and I felt exhausted, after my Indian Head massage treatment I felt relaxed and revitalized, my mind also felt calm, clear and peaceful, it was like my stress just melted away, I will definitely be back for this treatment.

Cheryl Turner

After many treatments and time with Lisa over the past 25 years, I have come to appreciate her spirit, her warmth, and to trust her and her spa as a safe and inspiring center. Recently Lisa helped me see that a facial was nourishment for the skin and also a relaxing massage treatment for healthy radiant glowing skin.

Margaret Litch

I have been a client of Lisa’s since I was 12 years old. I feel very comfortable at her spa and trust her with my skincare spa services. Being a University student and on a budget I tend to use drug store products on my skin. I decided to invest in Goddess Bliss skincare; it’s been 3 months now. I have noticed many changes and benefits such as my skin feels more balanced, healthy, my dryness has diminished, my skin’s tone is more even I wear less make-up because my skin feels radiant. I now see the value of investing in quality skin care; I am committed to my new regime and love it.  Thank you Lisa for your expertise and creating such an awesome skincare line!

Katie Davidson

Coming to Lisa for the past 8 years is an important part of my self-care, I look forward to seeing Lisa monthly as her waxing is the most gentle I have experienced. This is more than getting a service it’s become a friendship, someone I trust to share on a personal level.  Her passion for personal growth has also inspired me to be part of her Sacred Circles for women.  I’ve enjoyed this aspect of self-discovery and taking it to a deeper level in a safe setting with other likeminded women. I love taking time to awaken and acknowledge my inner Goddess strengths.

Hannah Ruller

Being in my 50’s I noticed my skin starting to sag so it was now or never to get on this. I contacted Lisa ready to take better care of my skin and also make time for just me to receive some nurturing. Within a week after having my facial treatment and using Goddess Bliss skincare, I noticed big changes. It has been almost a year now, my skin lines have softened my tonicity has improved, my skin feels radiant and alive. Regular monthly massage and facial treatments are a big part of my self-care now, I feel fantastic, I am worth it!  Thank you Lisa!

Shari Molchan

I love Lisa's monthly circle so much that it has become an essential part of my life - it is a ritual of sensual experience that encompasses aroma, words, song, meditation, movement, and self-expression. Lisa creates an atmosphere of magical beauty and peace that permeates her home; walking into her space is like stepping into a different dimension that we long for in our everyday lives. The sharing and connectedness amongst the group grows deeper with each circle and I leave feeling renewed and refreshed with a sense of joy and peace that filters into all aspects of my being. It grounds me back to my self and the core of goddess magic that resides within all of us but is forgotten in the daily stresses of living. I'm so grateful that I have this unique and beautiful experience to look forward to every month!

Louise Whyte