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Refresh your perspective and create a renewed sense of purpose following these guidelines.

Make an Appointment with Yourself

Do you keep a planner or calendar? Do you wake up to an alarm? Do you make plans with others? Many of us plan our time in relation to work, social and life commitments, yet in the hustle and bustle of our lives, we neglect committing to ourselves. Carving out me-time is key to your well-being. Me-time gives you the opportunity to reflect. Next time you are planning your day, week, month, and beyond, don’t forget to pencil yourself in too!

Honest Introspection

You may have made commitments to yourself at the beginning of the year. The transition to spring is the ideal time to check in and see what is transpiring. Do you need to change course? Are your commitments, desires, and dreams still in alignment with your actions? Be realistic and embrace radical honesty. When you are clear in yourself, you can move forward with purpose.

Declutter Your Life

It’s hard to reflect inward and move ahead with purpose when you are surrounded by clutter or filled with mental chatter that you just can’t shake. Declutter your space and simplify your routines. Practice meditation and mindfulness. Tap into your body with massage and movement and release what no longer serves you.

Change Your Perspective

If you are feeling stuck on uncertain, get moving! The longer days of spring invite us to be more active. Moving our bodies helps us shake off old energy and release negative thought patterns. I’ve been a long time advocate of getting outside for a walk in nature. If I am ever feeling stuck, a walk in the fresh air does me wonders.

You can also facilitate a perspective shift by changing your routine or embracing a new self-care ritual. Many people report feeling a renewed sense of purpose after a massage or a clearer mind after a facial.

Planting Seeds & Tending to New Growth

Once you have cleared out the clutter and affirmed your desires, spring into action! If you haven’t already, take time now to plant the seeds that will enable you to fulfil your desires. If your dreams have taken root already and your seeds are sprouting, be sure to nurture the new growth. Keep your personal “garden” healthy to enjoy the blooms and fruit later!

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Enrich your everyday life by bringing your full presence to whatever you are doing. Activating your presence means tuning into yourself and focusing your energy and senses on the moment. You are showing up as an aware and mindful woman. When you stand in your full presence, you can roll with life’s ups and downs with greater ease. You can tune into your innate wisdom and tap into your intuition to guide you. It’s a comforting, yet freeing feeling!

I consider mindfulness to be an important part of self-care and I invite it into my life through a simple daily ritual.

Begin with a warm cup of herbal tea, dim the lights, turn off your phone and any other electronic distractions, and sit down. Light a beeswax tealight and watch the flame dance as you sip on your tea. Take deep breaths in-between. Empty your mind and tune into the flavours of your tea and the aroma of the beeswax in the air. What do you taste? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you see? What are you feeling? Take a moment to acknowledge the herbs you are drinking and receive their benefits. This is your me-time and with each breath, bring your intention and focus on being in that moment.

In this process, you might find new energies and emotions bubbling to the surface. Don’t be afraid of giving these new feelings and thoughts some attention. They serve you and guide you.

When you finish your tea, take time to reflect on your experience and ease back into moving your body. It’s a good time to stretch and feel good about nurturing your mind, body and soul!

This ritual can be as long or as short as you want it to be, but the key is that you are taking the time to be in your full presence. When the weather is warmer, I love to practice a similar ritual sitting outside in my garden where I can tune into the beauty of nature.

Remember, practicing mindfulness and being present is a lifelong practice. We are never 100% present all of the time, but the more we can activate that state of being, the more it becomes our default.

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images--trust 1Your gut, inside voice, instinctual body wisdom, inner knowing – there are many ways to describe this feeling. For myself, when I listen and follow my inner knowing, I feel an inner peace and trust; when I haven’t followed it, I realize I should have in the first place, but I still learn from the experience. Both experiences are powerful and give me confidence in my gut instinct and remind me to trust my inner knowing the next time I feel it. I invite you to notice when your gut stops you with a feeling – do you listen or continue to see what happens? Whatever you do, being able to tune into your gut feeling can help you make decisions from a place of awareness and offers you a chance to experience a greater connection with your inner knowing. Whether you listen to your instinct the first time or not, you will always have a chance to learn and grow from your experience.

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patioI have many favorite rituals to do in the summer. I like sit in my garden and enjoy my breakfast and lunch. While watering my flowers, I enjoy saying hello to all my garden friends and taking the time to witness the magic of summer unfold naturally. As I watch nature, I ask myself how I can allow life at this moment to unfold naturally.

When I am in the flow of the moment, I feel at ease, I trust the moment and I see beauty and magic everywhere; when I am moving against the flow, I notice I feel irritation, impatience and more challenged by life.

Just noticing where I am at in any given moment is my personal barometer to let me know if I am in flow or am I swimming upstream barely catching my breath? When I experience the latter, I do my best to stop and realign myself. Sometimes it means just stopping and taking a moment to breathe and be!

garden-meditationReturn to the moment now.

This self-talk is a great way to tune into your being in the moment and realign with your natural flow.

Hi self,
Are you tired of this struggle?
Over-doing it?
Trying so desperately hard?
Maybe it is time to stop!
Realign, breathe, breathe and breathe.
Yes, centre and feel your own presence.
Slow down and notice your surroundings.
Be present.
Breathe it in as medicine.
Yes feel the now.
Notice the natural beauty.
Here for you to witness, not to miss it.
Fully present now.
Feel your heart expand!
Feel the love that you are!
Trusting again, take a step into natural flow.
I am back, thank you.


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images-courageI love the words and the image; I want to be this woman living her life with courage, trust and willingness to take risks!

“I am unstoppable!”

Just saying that phrase feels liberating; I am ready to leap forward and live my greatest dreams!

I invite you to rise above any worry, grab the umbrella handle and join this unstoppable woman in exploring and expressing your own brilliance!

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lavender-teaI absolutely love lavender and am blessed to be able to grow some in my garden. I get to enjoy its pretty purple flowers every summer and dried lavender throughout the year. Lavender even repels mosquitos, so this spring, consider planting some in pots to keep on your patio or deck.

The soothing aroma of lavender activates deep relaxation and mental calmness, as well as benefits your body in many ways. I love integrating lavender in my spa and around my home.

lavender-room-sprayLavender oil has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties, which makes it a good year-round essential oil to diffuse or apply diluted to your skin. Using lavender infused natural body care is another great way for you to enjoy its benefits. I particularly enjoy Tuscan Farm Garden’s Body & Room Spray to provide an instant sense of peace wherever I am.

In April, my Women’s Sacred Circle focused on the Goddess of Compassion. Her colour is lavender and we enjoyed lavender tea during our Sacred Circle to activate our self-compassion and foster a deep sense of well-being from within. Regularly drinking lavender tea offers many tangible benefits as well including improved digestion and sleep.

If you have not already, consider integrating lavender into your daily life.

Available at the spa right now: Tuscan Farm Gardens Lavender Olive Oil Soap, Body Polish, Bath & Body Oil, Body & Room Spray, Hand & Body Wash and Lavender Rooibos & Earl Grey Tea.

For more information about lavender:
Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil
What Are the Benefits of Lavender Tea?

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Package of the season

The gift of self-care

I highly recommend trying the Indian Head Massage after a stressful day or week. I arrived after a stressful day my mind was full of busyness and I felt exhausted, after my Indian Head massage treatment I felt relaxed and revitalized, my mind also felt calm, clear and peaceful, it was like my stress just melted away, I will definitely be back for this treatment.

Cheryl Turner

After many treatments and time with Lisa over the past 25 years, I have come to appreciate her spirit, her warmth, and to trust her and her spa as a safe and inspiring center. Recently Lisa helped me see that a facial was nourishment for the skin and also a relaxing massage treatment for healthy radiant glowing skin.

Margaret Litch

I have been a client of Lisa’s since I was 12 years old. I feel very comfortable at her spa and trust her with my skincare spa services. Being a University student and on a budget I tend to use drug store products on my skin. I decided to invest in Goddess Bliss skincare; it’s been 3 months now. I have noticed many changes and benefits such as my skin feels more balanced, healthy, my dryness has diminished, my skin’s tone is more even I wear less make-up because my skin feels radiant. I now see the value of investing in quality skin care; I am committed to my new regime and love it.  Thank you Lisa for your expertise and creating such an awesome skincare line!

Katie Davidson

Coming to Lisa for the past 8 years is an important part of my self-care, I look forward to seeing Lisa monthly as her waxing is the most gentle I have experienced. This is more than getting a service it’s become a friendship, someone I trust to share on a personal level.  Her passion for personal growth has also inspired me to be part of her Sacred Circles for women.  I’ve enjoyed this aspect of self-discovery and taking it to a deeper level in a safe setting with other likeminded women. I love taking time to awaken and acknowledge my inner Goddess strengths.

Hannah Ruller

Being in my 50’s I noticed my skin starting to sag so it was now or never to get on this. I contacted Lisa ready to take better care of my skin and also make time for just me to receive some nurturing. Within a week after having my facial treatment and using Goddess Bliss skincare, I noticed big changes. It has been almost a year now, my skin lines have softened my tonicity has improved, my skin feels radiant and alive. Regular monthly massage and facial treatments are a big part of my self-care now, I feel fantastic, I am worth it!  Thank you Lisa!

Shari Molchan

I love Lisa's monthly circle so much that it has become an essential part of my life - it is a ritual of sensual experience that encompasses aroma, words, song, meditation, movement, and self-expression. Lisa creates an atmosphere of magical beauty and peace that permeates her home; walking into her space is like stepping into a different dimension that we long for in our everyday lives. The sharing and connectedness amongst the group grows deeper with each circle and I leave feeling renewed and refreshed with a sense of joy and peace that filters into all aspects of my being. It grounds me back to my self and the core of goddess magic that resides within all of us but is forgotten in the daily stresses of living. I'm so grateful that I have this unique and beautiful experience to look forward to every month!

Louise Whyte