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Mint is easy to grow and has many uses in the kitchen, around the home, and in your self-care. I enjoy using mint in my treatments for its energizing and uplifting qualities, as well as its positive effect on circulation. Mint tea is an excellent way to enjoy the healing properties of this herb.

Mint tea is naturally caffeine-free, yet has an energizing effect. It increases your metabolism, suppresses appetite, and curbs cravings, which makes it a great ally for weight loss. Mint is also naturally sweet, and can help lower blood sugar levels. Drink mint tea after a meal to aid in digestion. It can even soothe an upset stomach.

Did you know mint has anti-inflammatory properties? This means that it can reduce pain caused by inflammation, even when applied topically as a pure essential oil or when you drink it in a tea.

Mint is a keystone herb for increasing our overall immune system health. Drinking mint tea can help ward off colds and flu, and can even improve hay fever and allergy symptoms.

Mint is extremely easy to grow at home and is best in containers because it spreads readily. You can brew mint tea using fresh or dried leaves. If you want to purchase mint tea, look for organic varieties or loose leaf teas made without synthetic flavours or additives. When you brew a cup, be sure to take in the aroma for an instant mood boost!

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Regular facials do wonders for your skin, but what you do at home is equally as important!

Here is a basic routine for dry or sensitive skin:
  • Use an emulsifying cleanser for dry or sensitive skin – my Goddess Bliss Moisture Plus Cleansing Milk is a good choice
  • Follow your skin cleansing with a hydrating toner like my Moisture Plus Toner
  • To give your skin an intensive boost, apply a serum to address your specific skin concerns
  • Follow your toner and/or serum with a nourishing moisturizer like my Evening Primrose Crème
  • To support the more sensitive skin around the eyes, apply a soothing moisture-rich formula like my Daily Moisture Eye Crème
  • During the day, applying sunscreen is an important step to protect us from harmful rays

On a weekly basis, your skin will enjoy a moisturizing mask for the best results.

Tips for dry or sensitive skin:
  • Wash face with warm or tepid water, never hot.
  • If flushing or redness is a problem, avoid spicy foods as they may exacerbate this condition.
  • Always use toner after cleansing, as mineral deposits from hard water can irritate and dehydrate skin.
  • When using a mechanical exfoliant, only briefly massage the inner cheeks, near the nose, which can easily be overstimulated.
  • Jojoba oil is highly stable and good for the face, even on individuals who are oil sensitive or prone to acne. It is very similar in composition to human sebum. This enables it to penetrate and emulsify thick, waxy buildup in pores, helping relieve congestion.
  • Invest in a filter for your shower head to further reduce chemical irritants in water.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which have a diuretic effect that causes skin cells to lose fluids and essential minerals.
Take Your Facial Care to the Next Level

Our skin reacts to many things, including the weather. Now that the days are getting cooler, why not give yourself a rejuvenating facial at home? Come in and talk to me for product recommendations!

Finally, remember that each day we have a wonderful opportunity for self-care when we’re standing in front of the bathroom mirror! It’s a natural time for positive affirmations: I am beautiful, I am doing the best that I can, I am thankful that I can take care of myself. Nourish your body and soul!

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The neti pot – available at health food stores. Follow the instructions.

When you feel that tickle, dry throat or the start of a cough, follow this routine! First, I gargle with sea salt and then use my neti pot filled with warm water and sea salt to clear my nasal passages. I have found doing the neti pot and salt water rinse every week works well preventatively too.

If you are already sick, try an Epsom salt bath with essential oils. My Tuscan Farm Gardens Muscle Soak works as a natural decongestant and it’s incredibly relaxing. Lavender, eucalyptus, thyme and camphor are all essential oils that help to decongest the chest area as well.

soupMy favorite soup to help with excess mucous is my simple onion, garlic and ginger soup with cayenne (go easy with the cayenne!). I usually make a big soup pot worth with a head of garlic, the same amount of ginger and 6 onions. This soup is a definite healer!

For the sinuses, add a few drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil in a bowl of hot water and cover your head with towel over the bowl and breathe in deeply to feel immediate relief.

January is a time where our immune systems are often lower from the Christmas season indulgences, so take the time to slow down and support your immune system, so hopefully you can avoid the winter flus and blues!


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Cleansing is not always easy but always worthwhile!

I enjoy cleansing, clearing and letting go with the rhythm of the seasons and autumn is a great time for it! I decided to go on a 12 week Candida Cleanse this fall to cleanse and let go of the eating habits and patterns that no longer serve me. During the first week I became emotional, irritable and exhausted. I was not feeling very blissful and definitely off my center.

The truth is that sometimes I fall off my center and life doesn’t always feel blissful. Sometimes I forget my own truth and get stuck in the muck. The beginning of this Cleanse was one of those times. Last time I did the Cleanse, 10 years ago, I felt amazing after the first couple of weeks of no sugar, no coffee, no chocolate, no dairy, no wheat etc. and the results were great! I had more energy, my digestion improved, my mental clarity increased and I woke up happy every day for no reason. I said to myself “I am going to do this once a year!” Well I never did and despite trying many times, I caved; I missed the caffeine and chocolate too much. So here I am 10 years later, trying again!

This time, I realized some of the emotion and exhaustion was about my mindset and thought patterns that no longer serve me – both things I could change. While I was in the muck, I came across a friend who said to me, “I only do what makes me happy and every day I am happy!” I needed to hear that and it was the medicine I needed to help me move forward. I realized happiness is a choice and it is my choice and responsibility to create it for myself. I sat in reflection and appreciation to cross paths with my friend and her wisdom. In reflection, I looked at how I can get stressed and overwhelmed with all the things I love to do and I realized that each day I have a choice to choose to do what matches my energy.

A couple of days later, I chatted with my daughter who is living in London, England. During our conversation, she expressed to me how happy she feels every day and how she feels so much gratitude and loves everything she is doing in her life. She was overflowing with joy and it was definitely music to my ears and medicine for me on my journey. After we chatted, I took care of myself, moving at a rhythm that suited me and did not overbook my day… I could feel my joy was returning! I went to bed early and awoke feeling energized.

It was so wonderful to cross paths with my daughter and my friend last week during a time when I was feeling most vulnerable. It gave me insight and strength to really commit to my joy and bring joy to everything I do, even paperwork, housework and of course, my Cleanse!

I am very committed this time and am already into my second week and feeling strong and enjoying making food and eliminating the other foods. The trick is to be organized with the food prep and remember that we have a choice – we can choose happiness and joy every day!

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fountainRemember to drink lots of water this summer. I suggest adding lemon and lime to your water for the extra benefits of citrus and a refreshing encouragement to keep drinking water. For my refreshing flavoured water recipe, click here.

This is a time of year when there is an abundance of mint too! Brew fresh mint tea, let it cool and then put it in fridge for 20 minutes. When it is cool, enjoy this refreshing minty water, which is great for regulating your body temperature and excellent for digestion. I like to make a jug of mint tea in the morning and enjoy a cup while it is still hot and cool the rest for later in the day.

Cheers to drinking lots of water!



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lavender-teaI absolutely love lavender and am blessed to be able to grow some in my garden. I get to enjoy its pretty purple flowers every summer and dried lavender throughout the year. Lavender even repels mosquitos, so this spring, consider planting some in pots to keep on your patio or deck.

The soothing aroma of lavender activates deep relaxation and mental calmness, as well as benefits your body in many ways. I love integrating lavender in my spa and around my home.

lavender-room-sprayLavender oil has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties, which makes it a good year-round essential oil to diffuse or apply diluted to your skin. Using lavender infused natural body care is another great way for you to enjoy its benefits. I particularly enjoy Tuscan Farm Garden’s Body & Room Spray to provide an instant sense of peace wherever I am.

In April, my Women’s Sacred Circle focused on the Goddess of Compassion. Her colour is lavender and we enjoyed lavender tea during our Sacred Circle to activate our self-compassion and foster a deep sense of well-being from within. Regularly drinking lavender tea offers many tangible benefits as well including improved digestion and sleep.

If you have not already, consider integrating lavender into your daily life.

Available at the spa right now: Tuscan Farm Gardens Lavender Olive Oil Soap, Body Polish, Bath & Body Oil, Body & Room Spray, Hand & Body Wash and Lavender Rooibos & Earl Grey Tea.

For more information about lavender:
Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil
What Are the Benefits of Lavender Tea?

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Package of the season

The gift of self-care

I highly recommend trying the Indian Head Massage after a stressful day or week. I arrived after a stressful day my mind was full of busyness and I felt exhausted, after my Indian Head massage treatment I felt relaxed and revitalized, my mind also felt calm, clear and peaceful, it was like my stress just melted away, I will definitely be back for this treatment.

Cheryl Turner

After many treatments and time with Lisa over the past 25 years, I have come to appreciate her spirit, her warmth, and to trust her and her spa as a safe and inspiring center. Recently Lisa helped me see that a facial was nourishment for the skin and also a relaxing massage treatment for healthy radiant glowing skin.

Margaret Litch

I have been a client of Lisa’s since I was 12 years old. I feel very comfortable at her spa and trust her with my skincare spa services. Being a University student and on a budget I tend to use drug store products on my skin. I decided to invest in Goddess Bliss skincare; it’s been 3 months now. I have noticed many changes and benefits such as my skin feels more balanced, healthy, my dryness has diminished, my skin’s tone is more even I wear less make-up because my skin feels radiant. I now see the value of investing in quality skin care; I am committed to my new regime and love it.  Thank you Lisa for your expertise and creating such an awesome skincare line!

Katie Davidson

Coming to Lisa for the past 8 years is an important part of my self-care, I look forward to seeing Lisa monthly as her waxing is the most gentle I have experienced. This is more than getting a service it’s become a friendship, someone I trust to share on a personal level.  Her passion for personal growth has also inspired me to be part of her Sacred Circles for women.  I’ve enjoyed this aspect of self-discovery and taking it to a deeper level in a safe setting with other likeminded women. I love taking time to awaken and acknowledge my inner Goddess strengths.

Hannah Ruller

Being in my 50’s I noticed my skin starting to sag so it was now or never to get on this. I contacted Lisa ready to take better care of my skin and also make time for just me to receive some nurturing. Within a week after having my facial treatment and using Goddess Bliss skincare, I noticed big changes. It has been almost a year now, my skin lines have softened my tonicity has improved, my skin feels radiant and alive. Regular monthly massage and facial treatments are a big part of my self-care now, I feel fantastic, I am worth it!  Thank you Lisa!

Shari Molchan

I love Lisa's monthly circle so much that it has become an essential part of my life - it is a ritual of sensual experience that encompasses aroma, words, song, meditation, movement, and self-expression. Lisa creates an atmosphere of magical beauty and peace that permeates her home; walking into her space is like stepping into a different dimension that we long for in our everyday lives. The sharing and connectedness amongst the group grows deeper with each circle and I leave feeling renewed and refreshed with a sense of joy and peace that filters into all aspects of my being. It grounds me back to my self and the core of goddess magic that resides within all of us but is forgotten in the daily stresses of living. I'm so grateful that I have this unique and beautiful experience to look forward to every month!

Louise Whyte