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This is a time of year to notice and acknowledge the new buds in your surroundings, but also the new buds within. What dream seeds did you plant in the new year? Have you been nurturing these dreams by taking action steps that lead you toward them or away? If you are moving toward them, keep tending to them – adding love and support and giving them food to foster their continued growth. If you notice you are moving away, then take note of this too.

Each day is a new day to do it differently. Seek to understand, then make choices that foster growth in the direction you desire . You are your own Miracle Manifestor. If you are stuck, then ask for support to get re-directed. This is where community is needed; we are not meant to do it alone. Reach out!

I know from experience, I tend to be a lone ranger, but the more and more I reach out for support, especially in areas where I am weak, the easier it is. Wisdom is knowing where your strengths are and where your weaknesses lie and by allowing someone else to teach or assist you in your weak areas, you can strive and thrive creating a blissful life and having your dreams come to fruition.

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lisa-natural-flavoured-waterThere are many reasons to drink more water every day (just a few at the link) and I wanted to create a fun way to get enough water every day, so I made this recipe. Prepare in the morning and leave in your fridge or take with you to keep hydrated all day long.

2 32 oz mason jars
½ lemon squeezed in each jar
2 frozen strawberries or fresh in each jar
a few lemon slices in each jar
a few sprigs of cilantro in each jar

Gently stir and enjoy the sweet and refreshing flavour.

A simple way to figure out how much water you need to drink a day is to take your body weight, divide by 2 and that will be the amount of ounces you should drink in a day. So if you weigh 120 pounds, you should aim for 60 ounces of water a day, which is almost 8 glasses.

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Recently, I’ve been attracted to cilantro. I simply like the taste, but what makes it even more attractive is its health benefits (check out this link for a great video about them).

For a simple way to enjoy it, simply boil a small pot of water and add a handful of chopped cilantro. Allow it to steep for 5 minutes then strain and drink as a tea to assist with digestion.

For something a little bit more involved but definitely easy and worthwhile to make, check out my recipe below.


Organic Nutty Salad
You can make as little or as much of this salad. Toss together these ingredients and serve with my easy frittata.

  • Organic mixed greens
  • Celery, chopped
  • Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds
  • Cilantro, chopped
  • Cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Sprinkle of nutritional yeast (learn more about nutritional yeast by clicking here)
  • Simple dressing of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt

Easy Frittata

  • 1 small onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 medium-large organic potato, halved lengthwise then sliced into thin half circles
  • 1 small red pepper, seeded and chopped
  • 4 eggs
  • Handful of chopped cilantro
  • Sprinkle of nutritional yeast

Use organic olive oil or coconut oil or non-stick spray to prepare your pan. Use medium heat to saute onions and garlic a few minutes, then add potato and stir occasionally until brown ~ about 15 minutes, add red pepper. Crack 4 eggs into a deep bowl and whisk together until combined. Pour over potato mixture, turn heat to low and put on low heat, then let cook on low heat for approximately 10 minutes. Sprinkle cilantro and nutritional yeast on top, then slip frittata on a plate and enjoy with your organic nutty green salad.

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mind-bliss-healing-mantraEvery day can be a blissful day. Every evening before going to sleep, I reflect on what gave me bliss that day and fall asleep with happy thoughts. I will say that I have had many days that did not feel blissful, but I realized that my lack of bliss was reflective of needing to change my perspective. I truly believe energy flows where attention goes.

I went through a worry stage that actually lasted a year. Yes a year! I did have my blissful moments, but I could easily erase those moments or feel they were too distant when I was worried. What finally got me out of this mindset was examining my mind’s patterns and practicing mindfulness daily.

Instead of trying to ignore or push away the negative thoughts, I decided to give them a voice and figure out what they were trying to tell me. When the thoughts would come up, I would ask “what do you need to be safe or let go?” Talking to my negative thoughts allowed me to change my perspective and be open to healing that aspect of myself. I knew the worry and negative voice were keeping me very far from my bliss, but by working through this negative voice, I knew I could reclaim my bliss.

A very easy way for me to send healing to this aspect of self was to simply invite healing through this mind exercise. I did this exercise in the evening as a night ritual to support my shift into a more positive mindset. It starts with a mantra, spoken aloud or recited internally, “I am open, I release, I receive healing and I heal.” I would repeat this several times, then ask for guidance in my sleep so I could wake up with another perspective. Little by little, I felt a shift.

The more I opened up to releasing the negativity, the closer I came to trusting that I could let it go and move forward. As I shifted my perspective, I made choices that aligned me to my true direction and invited more energy into my life to focus on what gave me bliss. The more time I spent in a bliss state, the more I could draw what I wanted from life. The magical thing is that the bliss state builds upon itself – the more I was in bliss, the more bliss I attracted; the worry and negative thoughts simply disappeared.

Next time you find yourself wrapped up in negative thoughts or worries, realize you can shift your perspective and when you do, you’ll quickly find yourself experiencing greater and greater bliss.

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greens1Here’s a shot of some greens from the local Living Soils Farm. On Sunday, I made a trip out to Cedar to get my greens. Adding bliss to my life is a simple drive to Cedar! I love my greens – this week I picked up arugula, mixed greens, chard and two kinds of kale. We are so blessed to have farmers like Ian and Rachel at Living Soils Farm. They are open every Sunday from 12:00 to 3:00 pm . Get on their email list (livingsoils@hotmail.com) and receive a weekly email from them with what’s available – always freshly picked that day. I love the drive in the country and knowing I am fueling my body with so many organic greens feeding my body bliss, mind bliss and creating beauty bliss!

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Package of the season

The gift of self-care

I highly recommend trying the Indian Head Massage after a stressful day or week. I arrived after a stressful day my mind was full of busyness and I felt exhausted, after my Indian Head massage treatment I felt relaxed and revitalized, my mind also felt calm, clear and peaceful, it was like my stress just melted away, I will definitely be back for this treatment.

Cheryl Turner

After many treatments and time with Lisa over the past 25 years, I have come to appreciate her spirit, her warmth, and to trust her and her spa as a safe and inspiring center. Recently Lisa helped me see that a facial was nourishment for the skin and also a relaxing massage treatment for healthy radiant glowing skin.

Margaret Litch

I have been a client of Lisa’s since I was 12 years old. I feel very comfortable at her spa and trust her with my skincare spa services. Being a University student and on a budget I tend to use drug store products on my skin. I decided to invest in Goddess Bliss skincare; it’s been 3 months now. I have noticed many changes and benefits such as my skin feels more balanced, healthy, my dryness has diminished, my skin’s tone is more even I wear less make-up because my skin feels radiant. I now see the value of investing in quality skin care; I am committed to my new regime and love it.  Thank you Lisa for your expertise and creating such an awesome skincare line!

Katie Davidson

Coming to Lisa for the past 8 years is an important part of my self-care, I look forward to seeing Lisa monthly as her waxing is the most gentle I have experienced. This is more than getting a service it’s become a friendship, someone I trust to share on a personal level.  Her passion for personal growth has also inspired me to be part of her Sacred Circles for women.  I’ve enjoyed this aspect of self-discovery and taking it to a deeper level in a safe setting with other likeminded women. I love taking time to awaken and acknowledge my inner Goddess strengths.

Hannah Ruller

Being in my 50’s I noticed my skin starting to sag so it was now or never to get on this. I contacted Lisa ready to take better care of my skin and also make time for just me to receive some nurturing. Within a week after having my facial treatment and using Goddess Bliss skincare, I noticed big changes. It has been almost a year now, my skin lines have softened my tonicity has improved, my skin feels radiant and alive. Regular monthly massage and facial treatments are a big part of my self-care now, I feel fantastic, I am worth it!  Thank you Lisa!

Shari Molchan

I love Lisa's monthly circle so much that it has become an essential part of my life - it is a ritual of sensual experience that encompasses aroma, words, song, meditation, movement, and self-expression. Lisa creates an atmosphere of magical beauty and peace that permeates her home; walking into her space is like stepping into a different dimension that we long for in our everyday lives. The sharing and connectedness amongst the group grows deeper with each circle and I leave feeling renewed and refreshed with a sense of joy and peace that filters into all aspects of my being. It grounds me back to my self and the core of goddess magic that resides within all of us but is forgotten in the daily stresses of living. I'm so grateful that I have this unique and beautiful experience to look forward to every month!

Louise Whyte